How do I view what modules are scheduled?

This article will walk you through how to view what modules are scheduled, to include viewing in calendar mode and filtering schedules.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click Schedules.
    Schedules Menu
  2. A list of all of the schedules is shown by default. Availability of the schedule - past, currently available, and future - are color coded. From the list, you can see the dates associated with the schedule, the module the schedule is for, and the groups and/or users participating in the schedule.
    Schedules view list

Switching to Calendar View

  1. To see the schedules in a calendar view, click the Calendar icon in the toolbar.
    Calendar View Icon
  2. You will then see the schedules modules displayed on the calendar.
    Calendar View

Filtering Schedules

  1. To filter the schedules to refine the results to view, click the Filter icon in the toolbar.
    Filter Icon
  2. At the filter dialog, once you have set your desired criteria, click Search to filter the results or click Clear all filters to reset all filters and show all schedules.
    Filter dropdown
    Filter criteria
    Filter Description
    Availability Whether to show only currently available and future schedules (default) or show all schedules, including ones in the past.
    Modules Filter schedules based on the associated module.
    Participants Filter based on what groups and/or users are participating in the scheduled content.
    Created by Filter based on who created the schedule. If set to 'Anybody' then this filter is not applied.
    Conversation Option Filter based on if the schedule is configured to allow a conversation or not. If set to 'Any' then this filter is not applied.