Equip your teams for success

Huddle Monkey is a collaboration tool designed to build and equip teams through scheduled content, training, and communication with real time chat.


Schedule content, such as videos, audio, and files, to share with your teams. Content can be anything you want to share - training, curriculum, documents...the possiblities are endless. Create your own or choose from a ready-to-go, growing library with content from different providers.


Assessments are custom tests you design that can be optionally applied to a schedule to test a user's knowledge on the content. Get a pulse on how people are answering assessment questions so you can further tailor and refine the content that needs to be covered.

Training History

Keep track of who has completed required training content and/or passed assessments. View history by individual, content, or assessment. Monitor progress for training that has not yet been completed as well.


Engage in real time chat with teams and users. Share knowledge, build community.

Community Forums

Community forums allow you to communicate with any user who subscribes to Huddle Monkey. Have a question or want to get ideas from others? Post a question in a forum and broaden your knowledge base and utilize others outside your organization.


Announcements are a broadcast when you need to get information out quickly to your team members.


Organize your users into teams to reflect your organization’s structure. This allows you to share content with one or more teams and invite teams to participate in a conversation.