Our vision

Our vision is to provide an affordable platform that allows churches and organizations to build and equip teams and help them thrive. At Huddle Monkey, we want to bring people together one huddle at a time.

Having served as a Family Ministry pastor for a decade, I can say with 100% confidence that a ministry is only as good as the people volunteering.

- Family Ministry Leader
People make the organization run

How we answer three core questions can help your teams thrive.

How can we regularly equip and train volunteers?
How can we leverage volunteers’ knowledge?
How can we build teams through relationships?

People are busy

Trying to gather everyone in one place at one time can be challenging. What if we can...

  • Provide a platform where people can consume training and content at their convenience?
  • Build a solution where teams can collaborate to share knowledge and build relationships?
  • Get people together without getting people together?

Thus, Huddle Monkey was born

Keep exploring how Huddle Monkey can equip your teams.