Announcements are a broadcast when you need to get information out quickly to your team members.

Posting Announcements

Flexible capabilities

With different scheduling capabilities, you can post announcements to match your needs.

One Way Broadcast

This one-way message is viewable as an email and from the dashboard.

Choose Audience

Share announcements with any teams that you lead and/or individual users in your teams.

Flexible Dates

Create multiple announcements to target different teams and/or users at different times.

Step 1

Create Announcement

Create an announcement to share with your one or more of your teams. The body of the announcent supports HTML markup.

  • Set a range of dates for the announcement to be available
  • Make the announcement always available
  • Schedule announcements for a future date
Create announcement
Step 2

Announcement is Broadcasted

The announcement is made available to the team members during the window of the scheduled dates. Users will receive an email of the announcement as well as seeing the announcement notification on their dashboard.

  • Only available during the scheduled window
  • Receive email with the announcement
View announcement