Organize your users into teams to reflect your organization’s structure.

The power of teams

With teams, you can...

Share Content

Share content with one or more teams.

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Participate in Conversations

Invite teams to participate in a conversation.

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Create teams to represent your organization

Whether you are a small organization with only one team or a large organization with many teams, you can build your teams to mimic how your organization operates.

  • Supports hierarchical structure
  • Assign users to one or more teams
  • Assign team leaders to give more control
Team Hierarchy
Team Leaders

Impower team leaders

Create and Share Content

Team leaders can create and share content with any team they lead as well as with the teams below their team in the hierarchy.

Initiate Conversations

Team leaders can initiate a conversation with any other team in the organization.

Manage Teams

Team leaders can create and manage their team by allowing them to build out the team hierarchical structure below their team as well as create users and assign them to their teams.