Schedule content, such as videos, audio, and files, to share with your teams. Content can be anything you want to share - training, curriculum, documents, etc.

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Modules are individual components of content that can be shared. Different content types are supported, to include:

  • Video and Audio
  • Graphics
  • Embed Codes
  • YouTube and Vimeo Links
  • Files (PDF, Word, etc)
  • Text Banners
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Module Features

With modules, you can...

Create a Library

Create a library of content modules of all different types and sources. Each plan comes with storage to host files you wish to upload to Huddle Monkey.

Add Modules as Components

Mix and match and put modules together as components like building blocks to create flexible content. Sharing a module will share it's components as well.

Add Attachments

Add files as attachments to any module. Attachments are useful if you want to include files with a module but do not want to include them as a child component.


Modules are then scheduled to share with one or more teams and/or individual users. The content is available to the team members during the window of the scheduled dates.

  • Set a range of dates for the content to be available
  • Make the content always available
  • Schedule content for a future date
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Scheduling Modules

When scheduling content, you can...

Choose Participants

Share content with any teams that you lead and/or individual users in your teams.

Create Multiple Schedules

Create multiple schedules to target different teams and/or users at different times.

Customize the Components

Components can be scheduled individually within the schedule's time frame to control when each module is made available, and even removed all together for that schedule.

Set a Required Action

Set a required action for the schedule, where a user must complete the scheduled content and mark as complete or pass an assessment to test their knowledge of the content.

Enable Conversations

Optionally allow users associated with the schedule to have a conversation about the content.

Create Templates

Create templates for a module containing the custom details for each component schedule that can be applied to a schedule upon creation.

My Content

Each user will see the content that has been scheduled for them or for any of their teams.

  • Only available during the schedule window
  • Notified when new content is available
  • Take assessments or mark as complete
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