Engage in real time chat with teams and users. Share knowledge, build community.

Chat Features

Engage your teams

Whether you are keeping teams informed or building community, conversations allow you to...

View in One Place

All your conversations are in one place. No more digging through your email inbox to find correspondences.

Create Different Threads

Each conversation is its own thread, allowing you to create multiple conversations based on topic or subject matter. Conversations can be closed at any time but still visible in your chat history.

Invite Participants

Invite teams and/or individual users to participate in a conversation.

Step 1

View Conversations

Here you will view all conversations you created, have been invited to participate in, as well as any conversation associated with available content.

  • Create new conversations
  • Search and filter
List of conversations
Step 2


Engage in real time chat with the participants of the conversation from your web browser or mobile device.

  • Include attachments, emojis, and animated GIFs
  • Embed YouTube / Vimeo videos from link
  • Mention people in the conversation
  • Like messages
Creating Conversations

Who can create conversations?

Set up permissions based on your need.


By default, any user can initiate a conversation and invite any number of teams and/or individual users to participate. For example, members of Team1A can invite users in any team in the organization.

Team hierarchy

Using containers, users can only invite teams and/or users that are within their container. A container is that team plus all teams below. For example, Team1 is set as a container. Members of Team1A can only invite users in Team 1A, Team 1B, and Team1.

Team hierarchy