Huddle. Connect. Thrive.

Building teams one huddle at a time

Equip your teams through scheduled content, training, and communication with real time chat. People are busy. Trying to gather everyone in one place at one time can be challenging. What if we can...

  • Provide a platform where people can consume training and content at their convenience?
  • Build a solution where teams can collaborate to share knowledge and build relationships?
  • Get people together without getting people together?
Why Huddle Monkey?

Help your teams thrive by equipping them for success

Share Content

Schedule content, such as videos, audio, and files, to share with your teams. Content can be anything you want to share - training, curriculum, documents...the possiblities are endless.

Encourage Communication

Engage in real time chat with teams and users. Share knowledge, build community.

Mobilize Teams

Organize your users into teams to reflect your organization’s structure and empower team leaders.

Knowledge Checks

Set a required action for the shared content, where a user must complete the scheduled content and mark as complete or pass an assessment to test their knowledge.

Training History

Keep track of who has completed required training content. Optionally allow participants of a schedule to view the progress of the required action of all other participants.

Assessment Stats

Get a pulse on how people are answering assessment questions so you can further tailor and refine the content that needs to be covered.


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