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Announcements are a broadcast when you need to get information out quickly to all your team members. Team leaders can simply create a new announcement, select the dates the announcement is valid, and select the target audience. This one-way message is viewable as an email and from your dashboard.

Assessment Updates
  • Can now add other input fields to an assessment, to include text field, a selection list, and date
  • View how each individual answered the questions on an assessment

Save time by bookmarking any type of content for quick access. Once bookmarked, you can quickly navigate to the item in question right from the menu bar.

Community Forums

Community forums is a new feature that allows you to communicate with any user who subscribes to Huddle Monkey. Have a question or want to get ideas from others? Post a question in a forum and broaden your knowledge base and utilize others outside your organization. Subscribe to topics you are interested in to get notified when a new post is made available and contribute to the conversation.

Library of pre-built content modules

Access a ready-to-go library with content you can select from different providers. This library will grow over time and will include content around leadership, safety, and much more. Simply browse the library and select the content you are interested in. That content will now be available in your modules, ready for you to share with your teams.



Live Preview of Modules

You can now view a preview of a module or schedule and all of their components right from the module or schedule page. This will show you how the content will look to a user and allow you to interact with the content - play videos, download files, etc.

Module Card with Details View

There is a new view in the modules view to show a module on a card with extended details to give you more information at a glance.

Module Duration

Modules now support a time duration to indicate how long it will take to complete a module. Durations are set for individual modules. Modules and schedules with multiple components will show the cumulative time to complete the entire schedule. Durations are automatically set for videos, audio, and Vimeo and YouTube videos, and you can manually set the duration for any module.

Module Thumbnails

Modules now support thumbnails to add a visual element to modules and schedules. Thumbnails are automatically generated for videos, embed codes with a source, and Vimeo and YouTube videos upon creation of the module. You can upload custom images for thumbnails for audio, video, embed codes, and web links.



Better Progress Indicators for Schedules

For schedules with more than one component/module, users must now mark each individual component as complete as they work their way through scheduled content. This allows the schedule owner to view a user’s overall progress in a schedule by tracking when each individual component has been completed and giving a percentage of content completed.

Organization Time Zone

Owners can set the Time zone for their organization, which will be used to determine when schedules become available/unavailable. If no time zone is set, UTC time is used.

Preserve carriage returns in chat message

Carriage returns are now preserved and displayed when a message is posted in chat.

Send a direct message to a user or team

Users can now send a direct message to another user or team from anywhere in the application. This feature will create a conversation automatically without having to explicitly create a new conversation with a user/team.



Assessments Updates
  • View the assessment history across all schedules to see the results of how questions are being answered.
  • See the schedules associated with the assessment.
Modules Updates
  • Optionally organize modules into a folder structure.
  • View any action required results directly from the module to see who has completed or who has any outstanding actions across all schedules.
  • If the module was associated with any assessments, view the assessment history across all schedules to see the results of how questions are being answered. If more than one assessment has been logged, you can also view the historical results of the assessment over time to see trends in how questions have been answered and the overall score of the assessment.
Teams Updates
  • Show all content that is schedule (past, current, and future) for a team.
  • Notify users when they have been added to a team
  • Allow team leaders to create an optional email template that will be sent to new team members when they are assigned to the team.
Users Updates
  • Show all required actions for a user based on their scheduled content that they have not yet completed.
  • Ability for team leaders and admins to import a list of users from a comma delimited file (CSV).
  • Option to auto-delete a user on a specified date. This would be useful if you need to create a group of users for a certain one-time purpose and then remove those accounts.
  • Allow team leaders and admins to restore a deleted user within 60 days of being deleted.



New UI for the web app, iOS, and Android

New UI for the web app, iOS, and Android
  • Optionally allow participants of a schedule to view the progress of the required action of all other participants.
  • When adding or removing a component from a module, you now have the option to add or remove the component from active or future schedules.
  • You can now add a module as a web link to easily share a website with your teams.
  • Users and team leaders can now see the required action history in the user’s profile.
  • When inviting teams to participate in a scheduled content or conversation, you can optionally include all child teams of the parent team without having to individually select each child team.
  • Bug fixes as required


Release date TBD
Reactions to a chat message

Currently in a conversation, users are only presented with an option to "heart" a message if they like it. This feature will allow users to select different reactions, such as like, heart, laugh, surprised, sad, and 100 points.

* Roadmap is subject to change