Training History

Training History

Keep track of who has completed required training content and/or passed assessments. View history by individual, content, or assessment. Monitor progress for training that has not yet been completed as well.

Tracking Training

Stay informed with complete visibility

With different views and ways to track training, you will always have the insight to ensure your teams remain trained.

At a Glance Insight

From the dashboard, quickly view who has not completed the required training.


Users receive reminders when content is due. Team leaders receive notifications when someone completes the required training and a summary list of training that has not been completed.

Send Reminders

Send a chat reminder to a user about the training that needs to be completed.

Different Views

There are multiple ways to track training history to view to results. History can be viewed from a content module perspective, a schedule, an assessment, or from an individual user.

Filter Progress

Filter the progress view by progress status, user, module, schedule, and more to refine the results.

View Progress

View the progress of each individual to see what percentage has been completed and which modules they have yet to complete.

Viewing Training Results

The user results tab will show a report of the progress of each user and what percentage of the content has been completed. This tab is available for modules, schedules, assessments, and users.

  • Filter to refine the results
  • View the assessment results
  • Message user to send reminder