How do I enable a conversation for an existing schedule?

This article will walk you through how to enable or disable a conversation for an existing schedule for a module.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click Schedules.
    Schedules Menu
  2. Find the schedule you want to edit in either the list or the calendar view. From the list view, click the pencil icon. From the calendar view, click the schedule to edit. At the popup dialog box, click Edit.
    Edit from list
    Edit from calendar
  3. At the Edit Schedule page, click the pencil icon in the Settings card.
    Edit settings icon
  4. The settings will appear in edit mode. Check the box to enable conversations for the schedule or de-select to disable. Click Update to save the changes.
    Edit settings
  5. Upon success, the settings are reflected in view mode.
    Update settings success