How do I view my content?

This article will walk you through how to view content that you have been scheduled to see.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click My Content.
    My Content Menu
  2. A list of cards of all content assigned to you is shown by default. To view the content, click the desired card.
    Content view grid
  3. The content is now displayed in view mode.
    Content view mode

Viewing the Modules

  1. The Modules tab will list all modules currently available and associated with the content.
    Modules tab overview
  2. The currently selected module is shown in the Module View Container. To view a different module, select it in from the list of modules.
    New module selection

Viewing Attachments

  1. The Attachments tab will list all files associated with the content.
    Attachments tab
  2. To download a file, click on the download arrow of the desired attachment.
    Download attachment

Viewing Participants

  1. The Participants tab lists all groups and/or users that have been invited to particpant in the content.
    Participants tab

Viewing the Conversation

  1. The Conversation tab allows the participants to engage in a conversation regarding the content.
    Conversation tab
  2. To participate in the conversation, enter your message in the textbox and click the airplane send button.
    Send message
  3. Upon success, your message is then displayed in the thread.
    Message sent