How do I see content that has been scheduled for me?

This article will walk you through how to view all content that you have been scheduled to see.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click My Content.
    My Content Menu
  2. A list of cards of all content assigned to you is shown by default. To view the content, click the desired card.
    Content view grid

Switching to List View

  1. To see your content in a list view, click the List icon in the toolbar.
    List View Icon
  2. You will then your content displayed in a table. To view the content, click the link under the Module column.
    List View

Searching/Filtering Content

  1. To search your content based on the title of the content, use the Search box in the toolbar. Results are instantly filtered with each keystroke.
    Search box
  2. To further refine the results to view, click the Filter icon in the toolbar.
    Filter Icon
  3. At the filter dialog, once you have set your desired criteria, click Search to filter the results or click Clear all filters to reset all filters and show all content.
    Filter dropdown
    Filter criteria
    Filter Description
    Description Filter based on the description of the content.
    Created by Filter based on who created the schedule. If set to 'Anybody' then this filter is not applied.
    Has new content If checked, filter based on if the content or any of it's components has recently become available.

Understanding the Content Card

Content Card

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