How do I edit a schedule template?

This article will walk you through how to edit a schedule template. This includes updating the template's name, configuring the start dates and durations of the child components in the schedule, and removing a child component from the schedule.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click Schedule Templates.
    Schedule Templates Menu
  2. Select a template to edit from the Select a template to edit dropdown list. The templates in the dropdown are grouped by the module the template is associated with. You can filter the list by using the search box to enter the tempalate name to edit.
    Select template from list
  3. The template will display in edit mode.
    Edit mode
  4. To edit the template name, enter the new name in the textbox.
    Edit Template Name
  5. To update the schedule dates for the child components, use the Days Offset and Duration settings to tailor the template as desired. To remove a child component from the schedule when the template is applied, use the Active checkbox.
    Component Settings
    Setting Description
    Days Offset Number of days from when the schedule starts to offset the availability of the components.
    Duration Optional number of days to make the component available.
    Active If not active, the component will not be included in the schedule.
    In the example below, if the template was applied to a schedule for October 1 through December 1, the template will configure the child components to be scheduled according to the days offset and the duration as follows.
    Schedule Templates Example
    Template Example
    Module Start Date End Date
    document-overview October 1 December 1
    Do It Again October 21 December 1
    Test Training October 6 October 26
    Hailing Taquitos October 6 December 1
    Raining Tacos October 11 December 1
    great-podcast Module not active - not in schedule
  6. Click Update to save the changes.
    Update Templates button
  7. Upon success, the template is saved and the components will update the order based on the new days offset, if changed. All non-active components will appear at the end. You can make the component active again to include back into the schedule template at any time.
    Edit Templates success