How do I update/rearrange a component's order in a module?

This article will walk you through how to update/rearrange a component's order in a module.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click Modules.
    Modules Menu
  2. Find the module you want to update in either grid or list view and click to show the module in edit mode.
    Edit from grid
    Edit from list
  3. The Components tab lists all of the components currently associated with the module. To move a component to a new position/order in the list, drag it to the new position by first clicking and holding the target module. In the example below, we will move the document-overview module.
    Click to drag
  4. While still clicking the component, drag it to the desired position in the list. In the example below, we are moving the module to first in the list.
    Drag component
  5. Stop holding the mouse to drop the module in the desired position. The module is now updated in its new position in the list.
    Drag complete