How do I search/filter modules in the library?

This article will walk you through how to search or filter for modules in the current module library.

  1. Under the Content heading in the left hand side menu, click Modules.
    Modules Menu
  2. Use the search box and filter icon to filter the modules library.
    Search bar
  3. Entering search criteria into the search box will automatically filter the list of modules based on matches in the title of the module.
    Search example
  4. For a more finite search/filter, click the filter icon to expand the filter dialog. These filters can be used in conjuction with the search box to further refine the results. Once you have set your desired criteria, click Search to filter the results or click Clear all filters to reset all filters and show all modules in the library.
    Filter dialog
    Filter criteria
    Filter Description
    Description Filter based on the description of the module.
    Type Filter based on the type of content, such as video, YouTube, etc.
    Tags Filter based on one or more tags that have been applied to the module.
    Created by Filter based on who created the module. If set to 'Anybody' then this filter is not applied.